Saturday, March 28, 2009

Where did this amazing young woman come from??

It seems so trite when someone says, "They grow up so fast", but it's really true. My oldest daughter, Morgan, just so often surprises me. She was such a quiet kid -- artistic, musical, poetic, but not much of a scholar. Oh, she did fine with her school work, but other than art, music and literature, didn't enjoy much of it. When she finished high school, she decided working full-time was much better than taking SAT's and going to college.

After working several months at Michael's Arts and Crafts, the lightbulb went off -- she realized this was NOT what she wanted to do with the rest of her life!! She began attending community college and has become this "super student"! Oh, my goodness -- where was this kid hiding all this time? She's 50+ credits into her DOUBLE MAJOR degrees in Art History and Interior Design with STRAIGHT A's; is working part-time at college as a "peer advisor" in an advanced English class; was inducted into Phi Theta Kappa (honor society); has made Dean's List each semester -- most recently awarded two weeks ago.

She's had midterms this week and has been studying like a crazy person. She came home yesterday to tell me that she got an A+ on the paper she turned in last week and she thinks she ace'd her midterm in the same class. The one class she's been worrying about all semester -- the one she's had to work the hardest in -- she found out that for the first half of the semester, she's got a 94 for homework and an 86 for tests. Not shabby for a really difficult class!!

She's got good friends, a great boyfriend, a steady job, a good relationship with God, high personal standards -- I'm so proud of this kid!! Can you tell???

Morgan, I love you, kiddo!! I'm proud of the fine young woman you've become. And yup, I'm saying it in front of the whole world, just to embarrass you!!!

The Many (Silly!) Faces of Morgan!!

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