Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Babies, babies, babies!

It has been quite a while since I last posted, and in between Kenzie's orchestra concert, holiday parties, shopping, guests, Christmas, New Year's and so much more, we had an EXPLOSION of babies!!  Here's my list for the last few weeks.... try to imagine fitting in a little bit of sleep around these babies, plus all the holiday activities, and you'll understand why I had NO time to write!

12/3 -- baby girl, family's first baby, born at the birth center
12/8 -- baby girl, family's fourth baby, born at home
12/16 -- baby girl, family's third baby, born at home
12/20 -- baby girl, family's second baby, born at birth center
12/22 -- baby boy, family's fourth baby, born at home
12/26 -- baby boy, family's first baby, born at home
12/30 -- baby girl, family's fourth baby, born at home
1/5 -- baby girl, family's first baby, transfer to hospital from birth center for non-progressing labor

So, eight babies in thirty-three days, and those are just the births I attended; my partners did others as well!!  It's a busy few weeks, with no sign of stopping soon.  One of my partners did a birth late last night, my other partner did one this AM. 

On top of everything, I'm organizing a dinner at a restaurant next week for hubby's 60th birthday.  It's not EXACTLY a surprise; he knows it's happening.  The surprise is -- he doesn't know who's coming!  My parents are flying in from Florida, our daughter is flying in from Texas..... He will be VERY surprised!  (And I can write about this, because he NEVER reads this blog -- yippee!!)

So -- if you don't hear from me again soon, it's because I'm either at a birth or busy planning/scheming/partying!