Thursday, May 28, 2009

And more babies......!

The client I mentioned yesterday called back in the afternoon around 4 pm. We met at the birth center around 5:30. What a phenomenal couple! She was such a calm, relaxed laborer, and her husband was an incredible coach. They spent most of the labor in the jacuzzi, needing almost nothing from us. A beautiful baby boy named Elias was born at 8:29 pm. Mom, dad, and baby are doing MORE than well! At less than one hour after birth, she was talking about going home -- we had to slow HER down a bit!!

I almost had a repeat of the situation from the other day. Shortly after my client birthed, we got a call that another couple was coming in to the center in labor. She arrived in rip-roaring labor, and the birth assistant was quite a distance away. It looked like I might be helping with that labor as well! We got things set up and ready to go, and thankfully, the other birth assistant arrived about 7 or 8 minutes before the birth. And the whole evening, the phone rang and rang and rang...... it seems like EVERYBODY wanted to go into labor last night! I'll have to call the center and check in later. I wonder how many babies WERE born overnight?

Now I've got THREE postpartum visits to do -- guess I need to get caught up!


So proud of her!

My daughter Morgan is such a hard-working student. I wrote before how proud I am of her, making Dean's List every semester at college, holding down a part-time job, and striving to please God in all she does, including her personal life. Well, this semester has probably been her hardest thus far. Her classes included History of Modern Art (she LOVES art history, but HATES modern art, so this was not a fun class!); Oceanography (probably one of her toughest classes thus far); Entrepreneurship & Creativity (required for her major); and The Ancient World: Prehistory to the Middle Ages. She's had much anxiety over these classes, especially Oceanography, as she REALLY had to put a ton of effort into the non-history classes this semester. And I'm proud to say that her effort paid off -- she got straight A's again this semester!!

Good job, Morgan!!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Daddy & Daughter Date Day

My husband loves to take his girls out one-on-one whenever he can. On Sunday, he and my youngest daughter decided to play hookie from church and spend the day together in Washington, DC -- and did they ever have fun!!

First stop -- the Smithsonian IMAX theater, to watch the new film "Night at the Museum 2 -- Battle of the Smithsonians". How cool is that!! Getting to see the film in the same museum that the theme of the movie was taken from!

Second stop -- Independence Avenue to watch the Rolling Thunder parade through DC. The news reports estimated the number of motorcycles participating this year at over 500,000! Wow.... that is mind-boggling to even consider.....

Third stop -- the modern art gallery on the Mall. They got some really nice photos from the art gardens.

Final stop -- the carousel on the Mall. I'm glad she still enjoys that -- she probably will be too "grown up" to do that soon, and it's nice to see her still have fun on it now!

Then home again via Metrorail. What a terrific day for them!!

ANOTHER in labor???

..... sigh...... this is going to be a loooooong week -- I can see it already!! Updates will follow on this one later!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The busy life I lead!

I haven't had a chance to post on here much lately, mostly because life is keeping me so busy. It's certainly not for lack of interesting things happening. Babies being born, a puppy that needs trained, a crazy rainstorm with leaky windows -- hmmmm, where do I begin??

Here's the short version: My partners and I have attended 5 birth since last Wednesday; in addition, we have a client who will be having a c-section today for going two weeks past her due date in addition to having a suspected large baby. Two sonograms were done last Tuesday -- one estimated the baby at 9 1/2 pound, the other estimate was 11-12 pounds! Either way, a big baby! The midwives have tried all the tricks to get her into labor, but it just is not happening. It's really a shame; I'm praying for a healthy, happy outcome for them today.

The longer version: The birth I did on Wednesday was long, arduous, and also came close to ending in a c-section; thankfully, with a little help from pitocin and requesting a bit more patience from the doctor, we were able to have a lovely birth of a very cute little girl!

I was home (and asleep) for only two hours when the midwife called, said someone else was in labor, and she couldn't find my partner -- huh, what??? Thankfully, they were able to track her down, because there's NO WAY I could've driven to Virginia in my stupor! Her client's baby was born that afternoon.

Then Sunday evening -- crazy!! What else can I say? I got called to to the birth center around 6:30, and the client R and her husband C arrived around 7 pm. Initial check showed 5+ cm., 100% effaced, 0 to +1 station -- yay!! Off she went to the jacuzzi, where she stayed for quite some time. Probably around 9:30 or so, we got a call from another midwife in the practice that somebody else might be coming into the center and so we gave R the choice of either staying in the jacuzzi and changing birth rooms, or getting out so we could clean it. She chose to get out, so she headed off to the main birthing room and I started cleaning up the jacuzzi room. The other midwife had said she wasn't sure when the second client would be coming in, because she thought it was too early, but she wanted to give us a heads' up. We were taking our time, just leisurely cleaning stuff. Then at 9:45 - 9:50 PM, we got a call that the other clients were on their way in -- RIGHT AWAY -- things were happening fast, didn't know if the midwife OR the other birth assistant would make it on time. HUH??? What just changed here?? So K (the midwife) and I hurriedly set up the supplies in the other room, got things ready just in case, and I went to tell my clients what was happening. Of course, she chose THAT MINUTE to have her first pushy-feeling contraction!!! Yikes!! I took a moment to explain to them what was happening, and that if anything changed and they needed us, to just call.

The doorbell started ringing frantically and K ran downstairs. She came back up with the other gal in rip-roaring labor, yelling that she wanted to get in the tub. Apparently, she spent a lot of her long previous labor in the tub and she thought that was what she needed to do. Got into the bathroom and we were trying to do vitals and check her, and that baby was coming, RIGHT NOW!! I started grabbing supplies, bringing things to the bathroom just in case. The second midwife arrived about 10:10; baby girl was born on the bathroom floor at 10:13 PM!!

Then back to R, who was feeling more urges to push. When we next checked her, she was about 8-9 cms. At some point, maybe 11 or 11:30, she went to the bathroom and then decided to sit in the tub. She was feeling very pushing by this point. To make another long story short, she was pushing BEAUTIFULLY in the water. K (the midwife) had not checked her, but suggested R feel inside herself for the baby, which turned out to be only about one finger joint inside. She pushed somewhat ineffectively for a few minutes; I suggested she leave her finger inside and see if she could make the baby descend while she felt it. Instantly, her pushing changed and became much more effective. She ended up pushing the baby into her own hands, and gave birth in the water into her own hands as well. Absolutely beautiful birth!! (12:38 AM)

I was so thrilled for her and they were so pleased and excited with themselves! The midwife and I agreed that it was the most gorgeous birth either of us had seen in a long time! Postpartum took a bit longer than we'd hoped, but all went smoothly -- mom and baby were healthy, calm, alert, and so happy!!

After the clients left to go home, K and I finished the cleaning and then sat down to eat some left-over quiche. Everything had happened so quickly during the evening that we never had a chance to to eat anything more than the DELICIOUS chocolate chip cookies they'd brought. So, all together, I think we left the center around 5:20 AM; drove home with music blasting and windows open trying to stay awake (soooooo tired), home by 6:10 AM, straight to sleep on the couch. Hubby woke me around 8:30 AM and sent me to the bedroom so everybody else could get up and start their day, and I slept solidly until about 2 PM. Somewhere in there, I think I lost a day of my life!!

So, two births in less than 2 1/2 hours! A new record for me!!

And my other partner got called to a birth that night as well, with a lovely Mennonite couple having their ELEVENTH baby!! Wow!!

Then yesterday afternoon, we had a HUGE storm come through the area with heavy, heavy rains, driving winds, thunder, lightning, the whole deal. At some point, I took the puppy over to the glass doors to watch the rain with her, as it seemed to be scaring here, and I thought it might calm her to sit there with me and watch it. Unfortunately, when I got to the glass door, I found that water was coming in around the door, both from above and from the bottom. Yikes!! The water was going under the carpet and the padding was getting soaked as well. We threw down towels and my husband ran outside in the pouring rain to check the gutter. He found it to be full of debris, which was causing it to overflow and send the rain behind the gutter and onto the top of the sliding glass door. And the driving rain -- coming STRAIGHT at the back door -- was forcing more water UNDER the door.

And as we cleaned up, I had a thought of "Hmmmmm, what about other windows on this side of the house?" Uh, oh -- off I ran to check, and sure enough, water was coming in our bedroom window and onto the wood floor! More towels, more clean-up.... blah..... just what I wanted to do, only three hours after waking up from those two births. But now my gutters are clean, and I have more reasons to keep bugging my husband to install new windows in our house!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Yup, we did it!

We got ourselves another dog! Can't believe it? Neither can I!!

Taylor is a very pretty 12-week old yellow lab, a bit on the small side, but with Cody as huge as he is, I can handle small right now! The dogs are getting along marvelously.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I guess we're crazy.......

..... but we may be getting a new puppy tonight! We found out recently about a 12-week old female lab who needs re-homed soon. The couple who own her are a young military couple, and just four weeks after getting the dog, their landlord decided to make his properties pet-free. sigh...... They are heart-broken, but want to do the right thing for their puppy. So we're going to see her this evening...... I'm trying to think about this with my HEAD and NOT my heart.

Maybe tomorrow you'll be seeing puppy pictures here -- or maybe not! We'll see what the evening brings.


Saturday, May 9, 2009

He earned his wings....

Corey Nickel went to meet Jesus yesterday (5/8/2009) at about 8:30 p.m. Please be praying for his family during this difficult time.


Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day at Medieval Times!

After the depressing blog of yesterday, we need something much more cheerful!! I found out this week that Medieval Times is having a special for Mother's Day -- moms get in for FREE!! And actually, it's more like two for the price of one -- not just moms. We purchased 5 adult tickets on-line, and were only charged for three. So it's one free for one paying adult this Sunday! What a deal!!!

My kids are thinking about going in costume; if they do, I'll take photos to share later. This should be SOOO much fun!! Spending Mother's Day with the family -- doesn't get any better than that!


Thursday, May 7, 2009

The faces of childhood cancer

Such a depressing topic, but one that's been weighing on my heart recently. The Byrd family, a family we've known through homeschooling and church groups for many years, lost their son Daniel to a rapid-spreading cancer in December. In following his illness on-line during the last few days of his life, I became introduced to the world of childhood cancer. It's shocking and disturbing to me to see the prevalence of this and to see the incredibly young ages at which these children are dying.

Daniel Byrd -- aged 18 -- earned his wings 12/13/2008

Coleman Larson, aged 4 1/2 -- earned his angel's wings on 1/5/2009

Blake Kurtz, aged 4 -- earned his wings on 4/27/2009

Johnathon Doerr, aged 3 1/2 -- earned his wings 5/2/2009

Jonathan Shaddix, aged 21 months -- earned his wings 5/7/2009

Corey Nickell, aged 4 -- terminally ill

I think this topic has been so heavy on my mind and heart recently, as it's been almost exactly 4 years since we began Nelson's journey with cancer. Despite all the set-backs, complications, and trauma, he's still here with us four years later. These poor children -- they never had a chance to reach adulthood. Such unrealized promise and potential.

Pray for these families and others like them. They need so much support and love. I'm praying right now for the family of Corey Nickell. He probably will be meeting Jesus very soon, unless a miracle happens.

And if you feel led, donate to some organization that's doing research in the field of childhood cancers. Maybe we can make a difference!


Anybody have a used Ark for sale?

I'm thinking it's about time to start packing and loading up the furniture. Yes, it's STILL raining. No, I'm NOT kidding. Yes, I AM sick of it.

You might recall that my previous scientific blog entry had a chart showing cumulative rainfall for May that looked like this:

May 1 0.02 in.
May 2 0.10 in.
May 3 0.98 in.
May 4 1.44 in.

Well, you can now add to it.......

May 5 1.72 in. (an additional 0.28")
May 6 2.41 in. (+ 0.69")
May 7 3.14 in. (+0.73")

May I point out that it's currently STILL May 7th? An hour ago, it was bright, sunny, with a gorgeous blue sky. Now it's getting cloudier again, and the radar is showing more rain coming our way. This only means that the total for May 7th will most likely be more than the 0.73" we've already had today.

My yard is a swamp; my poor sump pump has been working overtime trying to keep up; and at the height of the rain today, we actually saw somebody's newspaper floating down the street. Enough already!

AAAAACCCCKKKKKKKK............ I think I will go CRAZY if we don't get some extended sunshine and some time for Mackenzie and the dog to get outside to play. We're getting serious cabin fever around here!


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rain, rain, go away

I'm not normally a big statistics person, but the continuous run of cold, gray, rainy days we've had here (except for the brief hot days at the end of April) recently had me wondering exactly how much rain we'd actually gotten. Shown here, taken from, are the stats for the end of April (total rain for the month: 5.03"), May thus far (total: 1.44"), and the forecast for the next 10 days showing -- what else?? -- more rainy days to come. Can somebody PLEASE send me an airline ticket to Hawaii or some place sunny???

Month-to-Date -- April

Precip (cumulative)
April 28 4.88 in.
April 29 5.01 in.
April 30 5.03 in.

Month-to-Date -- May

May 1 0.02 in.
May 2 0.10 in.
May 3 0.98 in.
May 4 1.44 in.

So, for today -- what else do we expect??

Futurecast Hourly Forecast


And for the next 7 days after???? Of course -- WHAT ELSE WOULD WE EXPECT???

Friday, May 1, 2009

SOMETIMES you can teach an "old" dog a new trick

Seems like my life revolves around my dog sometimes, doesn't it? Sad........ I think I need to get a life. :)

We've been trying to teach Cody to fetch the newspaper for ages and ages and ages. Yesterday, he FINALLY got it -- REALLY got it. Yippee!! We even put the paper back outside several times and did the trick over and over to make sure he understood what we wanted him to do.

Then I decided to stage it again -- you know, preserve the proud moment for posterity. But here's what ACTUALLY happened when I tried to film it:

Oh, well......... Guess that's what I get for my sin of pride!

At least he finally got it right the second time: