Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Daddy & Daughter Date Day

My husband loves to take his girls out one-on-one whenever he can. On Sunday, he and my youngest daughter decided to play hookie from church and spend the day together in Washington, DC -- and did they ever have fun!!

First stop -- the Smithsonian IMAX theater, to watch the new film "Night at the Museum 2 -- Battle of the Smithsonians". How cool is that!! Getting to see the film in the same museum that the theme of the movie was taken from!

Second stop -- Independence Avenue to watch the Rolling Thunder parade through DC. The news reports estimated the number of motorcycles participating this year at over 500,000! Wow.... that is mind-boggling to even consider.....

Third stop -- the modern art gallery on the Mall. They got some really nice photos from the art gardens.

Final stop -- the carousel on the Mall. I'm glad she still enjoys that -- she probably will be too "grown up" to do that soon, and it's nice to see her still have fun on it now!

Then home again via Metrorail. What a terrific day for them!!

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