Thursday, May 7, 2009

The faces of childhood cancer

Such a depressing topic, but one that's been weighing on my heart recently. The Byrd family, a family we've known through homeschooling and church groups for many years, lost their son Daniel to a rapid-spreading cancer in December. In following his illness on-line during the last few days of his life, I became introduced to the world of childhood cancer. It's shocking and disturbing to me to see the prevalence of this and to see the incredibly young ages at which these children are dying.

Daniel Byrd -- aged 18 -- earned his wings 12/13/2008

Coleman Larson, aged 4 1/2 -- earned his angel's wings on 1/5/2009

Blake Kurtz, aged 4 -- earned his wings on 4/27/2009

Johnathon Doerr, aged 3 1/2 -- earned his wings 5/2/2009

Jonathan Shaddix, aged 21 months -- earned his wings 5/7/2009

Corey Nickell, aged 4 -- terminally ill

I think this topic has been so heavy on my mind and heart recently, as it's been almost exactly 4 years since we began Nelson's journey with cancer. Despite all the set-backs, complications, and trauma, he's still here with us four years later. These poor children -- they never had a chance to reach adulthood. Such unrealized promise and potential.

Pray for these families and others like them. They need so much support and love. I'm praying right now for the family of Corey Nickell. He probably will be meeting Jesus very soon, unless a miracle happens.

And if you feel led, donate to some organization that's doing research in the field of childhood cancers. Maybe we can make a difference!


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