Thursday, May 28, 2009

And more babies......!

The client I mentioned yesterday called back in the afternoon around 4 pm. We met at the birth center around 5:30. What a phenomenal couple! She was such a calm, relaxed laborer, and her husband was an incredible coach. They spent most of the labor in the jacuzzi, needing almost nothing from us. A beautiful baby boy named Elias was born at 8:29 pm. Mom, dad, and baby are doing MORE than well! At less than one hour after birth, she was talking about going home -- we had to slow HER down a bit!!

I almost had a repeat of the situation from the other day. Shortly after my client birthed, we got a call that another couple was coming in to the center in labor. She arrived in rip-roaring labor, and the birth assistant was quite a distance away. It looked like I might be helping with that labor as well! We got things set up and ready to go, and thankfully, the other birth assistant arrived about 7 or 8 minutes before the birth. And the whole evening, the phone rang and rang and rang...... it seems like EVERYBODY wanted to go into labor last night! I'll have to call the center and check in later. I wonder how many babies WERE born overnight?

Now I've got THREE postpartum visits to do -- guess I need to get caught up!


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