Thursday, May 7, 2009

Anybody have a used Ark for sale?

I'm thinking it's about time to start packing and loading up the furniture. Yes, it's STILL raining. No, I'm NOT kidding. Yes, I AM sick of it.

You might recall that my previous scientific blog entry had a chart showing cumulative rainfall for May that looked like this:

May 1 0.02 in.
May 2 0.10 in.
May 3 0.98 in.
May 4 1.44 in.

Well, you can now add to it.......

May 5 1.72 in. (an additional 0.28")
May 6 2.41 in. (+ 0.69")
May 7 3.14 in. (+0.73")

May I point out that it's currently STILL May 7th? An hour ago, it was bright, sunny, with a gorgeous blue sky. Now it's getting cloudier again, and the radar is showing more rain coming our way. This only means that the total for May 7th will most likely be more than the 0.73" we've already had today.

My yard is a swamp; my poor sump pump has been working overtime trying to keep up; and at the height of the rain today, we actually saw somebody's newspaper floating down the street. Enough already!

AAAAACCCCKKKKKKKK............ I think I will go CRAZY if we don't get some extended sunshine and some time for Mackenzie and the dog to get outside to play. We're getting serious cabin fever around here!


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