Sunday, March 29, 2009

"Back to Basics"

I've been on the lookout for some kind of homeschooling materials, videos and the like to help me put together a nice, basic cooking class for Mackenzie. And just this week, I found this:

Mackenzie and I have signed up for this, and we'll have to let you know from time-to-time how it's working out. The actual cooking classes begin next week; however, the teacher e-mails three short lessons in advance as preparation: one on the kinds of kitchen equipment you'll need, one on how to measure correctly, and one on how to check the temperature of your oven WITHOUT a thermometer, by cooking an egg in the oven. As an incentive, she said that the first two people who completed this assignment and e-mailed her a picture would receive a really cool salt and pepper grinder that she uses in her kitchen. Mackenzie prepared the egg, I took a picture, and voila!! She's one of the two prize winners! We can't wait to see her prize!! Here's Mackenzie and her egg:

Looks pretty good -- and she says it tasted yummy, too!!

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