Sunday, March 1, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow????

My first attempt at blogging -- and on the first (and probably only) day we'll have a really good snowfall this winter! We're anxiously awaiting the snow, the sledding, the fun of seeing Cody outside playing in his first substantial snow! We've double-checked the pantries, cupboards and refrigerator, like good Marylanders, because you know that we would absolutely STARVE to death if we had more than four inches of snow in one day!!

Seriously, it amazes me how much snowstorms like this freak people out around here. Lines at the grocery store and gas stations are insanely long; the top news story of the hour is the impending snow storm and the latest tracking on where's it snowing, updated almost minute-by-minute! It's crazy!! What did people do before the creation of doppler radar, satellite tracking and all the other weather-related technology we have? I guess they were always prepared!! Maybe we should learn something from that.....

I have one client who lives 40 miles from me and is now five days overdue. What do you think the odds are of her going into labor tonight or tomorrow AM during the heaviest snowfall?? Hopefully, I'll get a chance to just sit around, enjoy looking out the window at the snow falling, sip on some hot chocolate, read a book, and just relax, taking in the beauty and peaceful feeling that comes from watching the snow fall. Is it too much to ask my clients to wait until Tuesday or Wednesday to go into labor?

And instead of sitting here playing with my new blog site -- as much as I'd like to!! -- I suppose I ought to return to the more urgent needs of getting tax paper work done and getting those blasted FAFSA forms filled out so my daughters in college can have some small hope of getting financial aid! Why the process has to be so complicated is beyond me. The part of my mind that tends to think in "conspiracy theory mode" suspects that the idea is this -- make it hard enough, complicated enough, time-consuming enough, and a lot of the people that would actually qualify for some government or school aid will just quit, thus saving everybody but dear old Mom and Dad (or unlucky student!!) plenty of bucks! But somehow, I managed to plow through this mountain of paperwork last year, and I am DETERMINED to do so again. (How many more years of this until my oldest girls graduate???)

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