Sunday, March 8, 2009

Some days I think Murphy lives at my house!

And today is one of those days.... As spectacular as yesterday was, today is turning out to be the opposite kind of day. It's still warm out and the birds are singing, but it's very gray and overcast -- looks like it will rain at any time.

I woke up this AM already tired from Daylight Savings Time (which I HATE, by the way!!), and I was not feeling very good. That, coupled with the lost hour of sleep, made me very slow and grouchy. I helped my youngest daughter get breakfast, fixed her hair, but just could not get myself ready to leave for church with the rest of the family. So I sent them on ahead, told them I would meet them there after I took a leisurely shower and got ready. But I kept feeling cruddy, wondering "Do I really want to go out?" Yes, I want to -- yes, I NEED to.... OK, put one foot in front of the other, keep going, let's get ready. So after I was completely ready to go and leaving the bathroom, I noticed the toilet needed flushed and so I flushed it. Uh-oh -- here comes Murphy to visit my house!! The toilet rapidly filled to the top, overflowed, and kept running. I threw all the bath towels on the floor; started using the bathroom throw rug as a towel; ran to the hall and got more towels -- and THEN remembered to turn off the water valve to the toilet!! By this point, the entire floor was flooded, the water was running under the baseboards and heaven knows WHERE it was going from there!!

I ran into the other bathroom (sort of behind the wall of the master bathroom), and fortunately, no water had come in there. Ran downstairs to get a mop and more towels -- and there was water coming from upstairs and falling onto the washer and dryer, and making puddles on the laundry room floor. Sigh..... I mopped that up and returned to the disaster upstairs.

So one hour, 15 towels, one throw rug, several sessions of mopping and dumping, and one load of laundry later, it is now cleaned up and contained! Fans are running upstairs and downstairs to dry up the rest. Church? Never made it -- and I did all the clean-up in my good clothes..... blah..... They're probably not too clean now!

And in case you're wondering -- no, I have NOT turned the toilet back on!!! My husband can deal with that issue when he gets home -- I am DONE with plumbing problems!!

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