Sunday, March 29, 2009

Such a nice birth.....

One of my clients gave birth yesterday at the birth center in Virginia -- . It was her second baby, and her first birth had been fairly easy. When I arrived at the center, mom and dad were sitting in the jacuzzi, relaxing through the contractions. A (the mom) seemed entirely too happy and relaxed to be too far along in labor, but who ever knows? I sat in the room with them for a while, chatted and got caught up to date on things (in between contractions!), and then left them alone for a little bit while I went to make sure the birthing room was set up and ready. It wasn't too long until A announced that she was feeling a lot of "pressure". She got out of the jacuzzi, went down the hall to the bedroom, and had a baby 18 minutes later!! Wow!! Talk about quick, smooth and efficient! And baby was direct posterior, too, which is usually a harder presentation to push out. Mom and dad were over-the-moon happy, and their beautiful baby boy is a handsome little fellow, weighing just a tad over 8 lbs.

And then I got a call this AM that ANOTHER client might be in early labor!! Is it too much to hope for yet another smooth, quick labor??? We'll see...... updates will follow later -- whenever this little one decides to make his/her entrance into the world.

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