Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A great way to start the day!!

Here's my first attempt at making the cinnamon rolls I mentioned yesterday!! Not as pretty as the other gal's, but good anyway!! I need to do a bit of tweaking -- I think it might've been better if I'd rolled the dough a bit thinner, and used a bit less flour when I rolled out the dough, but all-in-all, a good first try!! My family certainly didn't complain! It does make more than I expected -- the picture above is one of TWO trays of rolls. I think we'll be eating them for a day or two..... hope nobody is too upset (hah!!!).

On the down side, Mackenzie started getting sick yesterday and just could not sleep last night. Poor kid -- she was still up at midnight with a stuffy head, sore throat and coughing. This morning, she sounds like she's hacking up a lung and doing nothing more than resting on the sofa watching TV. Hopefully a bit of rest, fluids, and TLC will cure the problem -- otherwise, I suspect we'll be visiting the pediatrician soon.......

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