Saturday, October 2, 2010

Really, Taylor -- did you HAVE to???

Yesterday was absolutely lovely outside -- cool, sunny, breezy, GORGEOUS!! I opened all the windows in the house to air out the place, and I left the sliding glass doors open so the dogs could go in and out and enjoy the weather too.

It was a huge change in the weather. Just the day before, it poured like it almost NEVER does here. We got around 7" of rain, which is absolutely unbelievable. And what I hadn't realized was that some time before the storm, Taylor had dug a hole in the back yard.

I was cleaning up the bathroom in my bedroom when Taylor walked into the room -- and her legs were absolutely COVERED in mud...... sigh..... And of course, she'd walked through the entire upstairs of the house to find me, so there were now trails of muddy footprints everywhere that needed cleaned up..... sigh again.....

Here's the culprit.....  "Who, ME, Mommy? What makes you think I did it??"

How much more disgusting could these paws be??

What a mess.....

The disgusting mess in my tub...

Photo #1 of the crime scene

Photo #2 of the crime scene!

C'mon, mom, stop -- this is humiliating!


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