Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day #5 in Honduras -- The Wedding Day!! (Part 2 -- The Wedding Party)

Once all was in place and ready, it was time for the ceremony to begin.  Everything was so pretty! The way a Honduran wedding's processional happens is a bit different from the opening of a traditional American wedding.

The first difference are these two people below -- they are the wedding announcers!!  They stand on the stage and announce the name and role of each member of the wedding party!  Then all the guests clap for each person coming down the aisle!  This makes for a bit slower than normal beginning to a wedding (well, slower than we Americans are used to).

My nephew Russell and all the groomsmen filed up onto the stage to await the start of the processional.

And the first person down the aisle was this cute little girl who was the ribbon-cutter! If you remember from the decoration pictures of the previous posting, the center aisle was decorated with flowers and ribbons that closed off the aisle.  No one used the center aisle except the wedding party, so this little gal started off the whole ceremony!!  What a big job!

Next down the aisle was the "Bible Bearer" -- in this case, my nephew David! That little boy has so much spirit in him, I can't believe he could walk that calmly down the aisle!!

Next came the two ring bearers.

Then came the boy carrying the fruit basket (I'm guessing it's symbolic of wishing them a fruitful life, or be fruitful and multiply, or something along those lines).

Then came the boys carrying the pillows with the lasso on it.  More about THAT tradition later!

The first of the bridesmaids was the maid of honor.  I'd like to understand more about her role.  She did not stand up at the front of the church during the ceremony.  However, any time the bride moved, she would rush up to the stage to re-arrange the bride's train.  It seemed like her main role was to be sure the bride looked good at all times!!  (Somebody correct me if I'm wrong here!)

Then the rest of the bridesmaids entered...... first came my neice Rachel.

One of the bride's friends or relatives.

My neice, Boo/Bethany.

Another one of the bride's friends or relatives. 

And another friend or relative......

..... and then the last friend/relative.

Now the wedding party is fully assembled at the front of the hall.
And I understand that even having the bridesmaids and groomsmen standing up at the front may not always be part of Honduran tradition.  Apparently, sometimes they sit in the first row with the rest of the guests, and the PARENTS of the bride and groom sit on the stage!  But in this wedding, the parents remained seated with the guests and the attendants all stood at the front.

The last to enter before the bride were the two little flower girls -- so cute!!

And then it was time for the bride!!  More in the next posting......


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