Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day #5 in Honduras -- The Wedding Day!! (Part 3 -- The Wedding Ceremony)

The bride, Iris, entered, escorted by her father.  He's holding her dress slightly, because there was almost a trip-incident up at the beginning of the aisle, and he was trying to help!

She looks beautiful!

The maid of honor helps with the train

Iris and Russell stand on the stage next to the pastor.

They were supposed to sit on the little stools while he gave the message; however, they discovered that her under-skirt was too poofy and stiff, and she COULDN'T sit!!  They ended up standing through the ceremony after all!

This young lady came up to do the Scripture reading.

Russell reciting his vows.....

....and Iris reciting hers.

At this point, the little ring bearers came forward with their ring pillows.

Russell giving Iris her ring....

....and Iris struggling to get Russell's ring on!

The pastor prayed for the couple.....

....while the congregation prayed for blessings on them as well.....

....and they are now husband and wife!!  Kiss the bride!

At this point, most American weddings are done.  However, there is one more Honduran tradition -- where the couple is lasso'd together!  Iris's brother Melvin and his new bride (just married in April) were the ones to place the lasso around them.  

The little boys and girls were ready to be done with the wedding and move on to the reception!  Watch out for that little girl at the end with the scissors -- she looks a bit dangerous!!

And the wedding was over!!

Up the aisle, still lasso'd together, with the train carried by the ring bearers.

And it was time for the reception!!  More to follow in the next post!


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