Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day #5 in Honduras -- The Wedding Day!! (Part 1 -- Getting Ready)

My previous posts have been getting a bit long, so I think maybe I need to break up this particular day's posting a bit!!  There was so much that happened that day, it won't be difficult to put together at least two posts, I think!!  Without further ado:

Mackenzie, cousins, and new friend, Sammy Ward, were dressed, ready to go, and playing Uno to pass the time!

In the outdoor pavilion, the tables were decorated and food was being set up on the buffet (far end of the room)

Another view of the tables and buffet.

The Bride and Groom's table.

My sister, Trish and neice, Kirstin were ready, too!

Grandparents were milling about taking photos and schmoozing with the local Peace Corps members.

I was repairing some damage that had happened overnight to the cake.  If you look carefully, you'll see that one of the "drapes" of icing (to the left of my elbow) had gotten knocked off, as well as a flower that came off  (top of the cake towards the left of the picture). Additionally, there was a large chunk on the bottom layer of the cake that needed fixed.  Repairs were made, and the "chunk" area became the back side of the cake! (Less noticeable that way!!)

After repairs were made, the topper was added to the cake and some finishing touches were added to complete it.

The final product!

These little girls were members of the wedding party.  Here they are, getting last minute touch-ups before the wedding begins.  Aren't they cute??

The ladies making the food for the reception were still busily cooking in the outdoor adobe oven.

The stage at the front of the larger, enclosed pavilion was decorated.  The two little stools were for the bride and groom to sit on during the ceremony.

Curtains were hung on the windows and the flowers and ribbons were all in place along the center aisle.

The guests began arriving in all sorts of vans, trucks, and SUV's.  Small cars are not the most practical on rut-filled Honduran roads!

More guests arriving.....

....as well as a free-loading, uninvited guest (maybe that's a "free-range free-loading" guest??).

Mackenzie stood in line with the guests, waiting to enter the hall.

Mackenzie signing the guest book.

A view of the guests.  In the center, you can see the Peace Corps workers, as well as the local Mennonite missionaries.

Another missionary family in Honduras, and friends of Trish's family -- Brad and Trish Ward (they have two daughters who also attended, Sydney and Sammy, Kenzie's new-found friend!)

Another view of the assembled guests.

The groomsmen were all ready to go....

..... and so was "Joe-Cool" ...... oops, that's the GROOM!!

So let's get this wedding going!! See Part 2 in a little while for more photos!!


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