Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day #5 in Honduras -- The Wedding Day!! (Part 4 -- The Reception)

Russell and Iris stood outside so people could get a few pictures.

Then they moved to another spot for the formal posed shots.

Oops! Somewhere along the way, somebody realized that the little girls were missing from the photo session! Here they come!

And finally, the whole group together (PLUS one extra!!  I think that's the lady announcer from the ceremony??)

I found the very eclectic gathering of people fascinating.  Here are a few shots of folks attending the wedding.

Yet another party crasher!

And of course, we MUST have shots including the family members!

Posing with the cake!

One last photo before the demolition began!

Cutting the cake!

I cut the first several layers of cake, while these ladies watched how I disassembled and cut. They served the cake as well.

After a while, they figured out how I did it and offered to take this sticky job off my hands!!  Yay!!  (though I did notice that the pieces being served got increasingly larger as these gals served!!)

And here's what remained of that large cake and four sheet cakes!

With a large wedding like this, it wasn't surprising to see a large pile of gifts; I especially liked the gift "wagon"!

One thing we didn't get many pictures of was the buffet and the food.  It seems like these are the only two photos I have of that aspect of the reception:

The bouquet toss --

Some things remain the same, no matter WHERE in the world you are!!

I had to stick this photo in! When I was decorating the cake the day before the wedding, there were four little girls that hung out around my workspace all day long. They were very curious as to what I was doing; they were very helpful, washing up plates and knives for me, helping me turn the large cake around to decorate another side, etc.; they tasted my American icing, tentatively at first and then with great gusto (!!); they helped shoo away the bees, wasps, etc.; and when the cake was done, one of the little girls very shyly asked for some help with her English schoolwork!!  They were just so delightful and sweet, and when I saw them helping at the reception (as best as I could tell, they were workers, not guests!), I gathered the three I could find and had a picture taken with them.  Here are my new little friends --

And so the afternoon finally ended, with guests piling into their trucks to leave --

Back at the hotel, Mackenzie and Boo decided to sit by the pool and cool their heels, literally and figuratively!  Boo was still wearing her bridesmaid dress, so they just sat and chatted at the edge of the pool.  It's a shame these two live so far apart -- they are just best buds when they get together!

Of course, no posting would be complete without yet more pictures of food.  In the hotel restaurant, they brought out this appetizer -- nachos, refried beans, cheeses, all heated from below in this cool ceramic serving dish!

One more "of course" -- if a Tampa Bay baseball game is being shown on TV, be assured that my parents will find it to watch -- even in Honduras and even if the entire broadcast was done in Spanish!!

And that was the end of our very long and very happy day.  Next day -- a trip to the Mayan ruins at Copan!!


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