Monday, October 25, 2010

Day #8 -- heading home!

This last morning in Honduras, we ate breakfast in the hotel's cafe, called the Cafe Skandia. It reminded me of a mixture of an old-style diner and Ikea!! The food was abundant and good, and much of it was traditional American fare, for those who might've been looking forward to returning to French toast or bacon!!

Just outside the cafe was the swimming pool area.  It was clean and lovely; I wish the weather had been a bit warmer, and that Mackenzie hadn't been sick -- she would've loved to go swimming here.

The lobby of the hotel -- a lousy picture I found on the internet somewhere!!

From the dining area looking towards the lobby of the hotel.

There was a beautiful mosaic picture on the wall of this area.....'s a closer look at it.

On the other side of the lobby was a sitting area, with this wood carving surrounding a support column.

Mackenzie wanted her picture taken next to these flowers to show how large the floral display was.

Back in our room, after packing, I took a few more pictures from the balcony.

I read on-line that there are actually TWO statues like this in the park; from my window, I could only see one.  They depict local women who would've done their laundry in the river in times past.

Another look at the cathedral at the end of the park.  I can find no name for except the San Pedro Sula cathedral, so I guess that's what it's called.  I wish we'd had more time -- I would have liked to have a look inside.

The bell tower.

Looking down the side of the cathedral and to the mountains beyond.

We headed off to the airport around 9 AM.  Thankfully, the drive in the "big city" is faster (and easier on the rear ends!) than the drives tend to be in rural areas of Honduras.  I had shown a picture on Day 1 of the size of the airport from the outside.  Here are two interesting shots to show how small it really is.  The departing gates are upstairs, and in these pictures, I'm standing between gate 1 and 2. 

Looking to the closest end, with a snack shop and coffee shop.

And looking down the entire length of the departure gates.  Yup -- that's it!!  No way you'll get lost, like in Atlanta, BWI, or Chicago!! Just one long room with 8 "areas" for departure!  If you can't figure this one out, you should NOT be flying alone!!

A few shots out the window, just to show how uncluttered and slow the airport is.

You'd never see a tarmac this empty at any local airports in the MD/DC/VA area!

At the gift shop in the airport, I found some Honduran jewelry in orange -- Mackenzie's favorite color!  Here she is modeling it -- and even smiling though she felt so sick -- what a trooper!

And finally, on the plane, getting ready to head to Atlanta and then home.

A few last photos taken from the window....

....and then we're off.... we head higher into the sky.....

.....looking at the beautiful land below...

.....and hoping we'll get to return someday....

'Bye, Sowers family and Honduras!


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