Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I finally feel like we're starting to make real progress in planning this wedding.  So much effort for one day -- I hope we can get most everything done well enough in advance that we can relax and ENJOY the day!

Things that are done or well underway:
     *  church rented
     *  wedding dress purchased AND altered
     *  premarital counseling for Morgan & Solomon has begun
     *  still don't know about the "first choice dresses", but the back-up dresses are all here and the girls have tried them on to make sure they fit -- so the bridesmaids have SOMETHING to wear, anyway!!
     *  invitations finished and mailed, and responses starting to come back!
     *  we now have a pretty basic idea of the foods that will be served -- still have to order it after final head count is done
     *  I made trip to three local Jewish deli's and/or bakeries and got an education in kosher laws!!  I hope to sit down with Solomon's mom sometime this week and plan out what the menu will be for our guests who keep kosher
     *  tentative decisions have been made on the flowers
     *  the photographer has been hired
     *  the videographer has been hired
     *  a string quartet has been hired (not as extravagant as it sounds!!  my youngest daughter's violin teacher and three of her top students will be playing at a REALLY reasonable price!!)
     *  music for the reception is being worked on and a friend of ours will be providing a sound system for us
     *  working on set-up plans for the tables and food for the reception
    So all in all, things are starting to come together...... now, if only the house remodelling would get finished soon, I would feel SOOOOO much better!!


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