Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The dresses have arrived -- and so have all the babies!!

Such a busy, busy week -- no time for writing, just SURVIVAL!  I've had a birth last Wednesday PM into Thursday AM; another one late Thursday PM into Friday AM; and then another in the early hours of Monday!  So many babies!! 

While I was at Friday's birth, Morgan texted me to let me know that the wayward bridesmaids' gowns had finally arrived!!  One day, when I've got more time and I'm feeling a bit calmer, I will have to write in detail about our ordeal with House of Brides.  For now, it will suffice to say that they will NEVER get a good recommendation from me for future clients.  The order placed with them was by far the most stressful part of the wedding planning, and I can't believe how unhelpful they were. 

Other wedding plans are going well; food is selected and will be ordered shortly; Solomon's mom has the plans for the rehearsal dinner well under control; we're working on lots of little tiny details, but all in all, I think things are going OK.  Either we're pretty well-organized or I'm missing something major that will come crashing down soon!!!  I don't feel terribly stressed about anything, so that is GOOD!!!  I still need to find time to go dress shopping for ME, but other than that, things are going pretty well!

Bryanna texted yesterday and sent pictures of her apartment in Abilene.  It sounds like they're getting settled quickly and making some new friends, so it's all good.  Hope their cat Patches is settling in, too -- that cat does NOT like change in her life.

And I think I need to be off and hitting the road...... need to get to the library today, need to take care of ordering some items, need to meet with Solomon's mom about some things -- AND Vacation Bible School is going on this week at our church in the evenings.  Never a dull moment!!


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