Thursday, July 22, 2010

Exciting news!

After a great deal of thought, debate, prayer, and consulting the check book (hey, weddings are EXPENSIVE!!), I've decided to take Mackenzie and I to Honduras in October to go to my nephew's wedding! (Here's the engagement story.)  I just told Kenzie, and she is practically exploding with excitement over this decision!  This little girl is only 11 and already turning into a world traveler!  She's been on more flights already than I probably was in the first 25 years of my life!!

In case you're wondering why my sister & family live in Honduras, here's a link to their ministry website: .  They've been there since (I believe??) 2002, so the kids have grown up there, and it's not surprising that Russell's found a Honduran wife.  We are VERY excited to be able to travel to a new country for this special event!

(And at the moment I'm typing this, my sister doesn't even know yet that I just bought the tickets!!  Hey, Trish -- did you find out here first, or did mom call before you read this??)


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