Friday, June 4, 2010

Back on track with wedding plans.....

....or at least, we're on track with Plan B!!  I don't think I wrote about this before, but we placed an on-line order -- on April 25 -- for the bridesmaid dresses that Morgan liked.  I thought everything was all well and good, and that I had one more item checked off my "To-Do" list.  However, on May 22nd -- FOUR FULL WEEKS AFTER I PLACED THE ORDER -- I received an e-mail that said that the dress order had been placed with the manufacturer and the dresses would be shipped in early August. WHAT??? The wedding is August 20th and at least tfour of the seven dresses will need alterations.  I called up House of Brides, went around and around and around with them, and still haven't reached a resolution yet.  Unfortunately, as in most things "bridal", payment in full is expected up-front and there are no refunds.  So now we were left in the most uncomfortable position of HOPING that the dresses will arrive in time for alterations -- not a comfortable feeling, for sure. 

After much discussion, Morgan and I decided to look elsewhere for other dresses, as "insurance".  This time, however, we limited our search to places like Nordstroms, Macy's, Penneys, Sears -- places where dresses could be returned easily, should the original dresses manage to turn up in time.  We narrowed down the search to three or four possible dresses, and miracle of miracles -- one of them went on a 40% off sale today!!  Yes, you better believe I scooped them up immediately!!! 

The first official dress fitting for Morgan's dress is next Thursday; about 60% of the mailing addresses have been typed into the computer for the invitations; the menu is being worked on; the photographer has been hired....... things are starting to fall into place!!!  Yay for progress!!


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