Monday, August 2, 2010

"Showered" with gifts!

Several of Morgan's bridesmaids (Diane, Georgi, and Becki) threw her a beautiful bridal shower yesterday.  It was so very, very nice and a lot of fun; the girls put a lot of work into it.  And I'll just go straight to the photos, since I know that's the part everyone wants to see anyway!  (Especially you, Grammy!!)

Nanette Jefferies and Frannie Miller chatting at the punch and cake table

Morgan talking with friends

Nancy and Liz Clash talking with Sarah Llewellyn

Laura Stein (groom's mother) talking with ladies from our church

Angela Toner and Michelle Krout talking with Mary Fisher (Morgan's aunt)

In the "Seat of Honor"!!

Becki Prentice (co-maid of honor) giving instructions for the first party game

Morgan enjoying a laugh with Georgi Spilman (co-maid of honor)

Diana Jefferies (bridesmaid)

Then came the "Toilet Paper Bride", where each team had 10 minutes to "design" a wedding dress on their model -- in this case, on Mackenzie Llewellyn (bride's sister/jr. bridesmaid).  At the end, Morgan would select the winning design.....

And the second team, working on Katie Prentice's dress.....

..... while our team started a veil and decorative flowers on the back of the "dress"!

Continuing on the dress....

Michelle Krout being decorated for the third team! Look at her lovely "string of pearls"!!

And the winner was -- Katie Prentice and team!!

Then Morgan began opening gifts, while Diana recorded them in her laptop!!  Much more up-to-date than the old steno pads we used to use!! First gift, from Victoria's Secret......... (oooooooo-la-la!!)

A negligee!!!

And then another!!  (slight embarassment!!)

On to more "practical" items.....

..... and then another negligee!!!

Napkin rings being modeled by bridesmaids and Morgan!!

And finally, the bouquet of ribbons to be used at the rehearsal, complete with net "veil"!!

All the wedding party members who were present at the shower -- (L to R):
Becki Prentice, co-maid of honor
Mackenzie Llewellyn, Jr. bridesmaid
Georgi Spilman, co-maid of honor
Morgan Llewellyn, bride-to-be
Diana Jefferies, bridesmaid

Hope you enjoy the pictures!!  We certainly enjoyed our wonderful afternoon!!


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