Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rest, refresh, renew, re-invigorate!!

My husband's boss (who also happens to be friends with us) very kindly offered to let us borrow his cabin this past weekend to relax and recover from the wedding and associated craziness of the summer.  And boy, was that absolutely what we needed!! We did a lot of driving through the battlefields of Gettysburg, ate at a good old-fashioned diner (Lincoln Diner in Gettysburg), walked through the old railroad station and many of the shops in town, and enjoyed a lot of nature in the surrounding countryside.

Pictures from our peaceful weekend.........

The Lincoln Diner

Front of the cabin

Back of the cabin -- decks on all three levels!

Beach at nearby Laurel Lake

Another view of the beach and lake

Dam at the end of the lake

A large group of Mennonite girls were picnicking at the lake.  Nelson made friends with one of their horses (of course!!)



More wildflowers -- I have no idea what type of flowers they were, and all the ones I saw were growing in little islands in the middle of streams.  The butterflies LOVED these flowers  --  very, very pretty! 

An inchworm that decided to visit us

 A view of a creek and footbridge in Caledonia State Park

Outside of the ranger's station at Caledonia, there were several bird feeders.  Here's one of the hummingbirds hanging out at the feeder......

Gold finches at the other feeders.....

On Sunday afternoon, Nelson took a nice, long nap, and I decided to go exploring on some of the back roads of Caledonia State Park (i.e., unpaved, dusty and full of ruts!! yes, I was feeling adventurous!!)    I "discovered" the reservoir back in the center of the park -- gorgeous!!

Of course, we had to return to reality late Sunday night, and so now we're back in the swing of "normal" life -- but what a wonderful treat for both of us!!


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