Sunday, August 22, 2010

The first pictures of Morgan and Solomon's wedding!

I'm slowly recuperating from all the planning, organization, and busyness surrounding the wedding.  I had planned to start posting pictures in another day or two, but even as tired as I am, I can take a hint!!  I just looked at my "site meter" and apparently a LOT of people have been checking in to the blog to find out about the wedding.  They may not post replies very often, but they're definitely checking in!!  So without further ado, here are some photos of the day.  Many of these are actually "stills" taken from the video our videographers took, so they are a bit grainy and fuzzy, plus they've not been edited yet; others were taken by friends, so not always the best quality, but definitely beautiful, nonetheless.  When the professional pictures start showing up (probably around Wednesday), I'll make sure to post those or a link to them.  In the meantime, enjoy these!!

The musicians in the string quartet & pianist

View down the aisle as the guests gather

Beginning the walk down the aisle with her dad

It's a loooong way down that aisle....

Finally reaching the front of the church

Prayer to begin ceremony; soloist Mark Cobb waiting behind minister to sing

After a message to the couple by Pastor Sebek and taking of vows, rings were exchanged.  Unfortunately, Solomon had been holding Morgan's hands so tightly, her fingers were starting to swell, making it difficult to get the ring on!!

Finally, SUCCESS!!!  Yesssss!!!  High five's all around!  It made everybody laugh!!

"I now pronounce you husband and wife......"

"You may kiss your bride!"

So happy!

One of my favorite pictures of the day that I've seen thus far, taken by my friend, Toshi Baer! You can see a lot of the flowers -- and look at the smiles!!

Walking back UP the aisle seems so much faster!!

Morgan's friend, Becki (co-maid of honor) escorted by Daniel (co-best man)

Morgan's friend, Georgi (co-maid of honor) escorted by Zak (co-best man)

Friend Diana (bridesmaid) escorted by Erich

Bryanna (sister/bridesmaid) escorted by Nelson (brother/groomsman)

Friend Shelagh escorted by friend Will

Sister/jr. bridesmaid Mackenzie, escorted by jr. groomsman Daniel

Flower girl Joy escorted by ring bearer Matthew
Mother of the bride (me!!) escorted by my son Nelson, followed by husband Nelson

Laura (mother of groom) escorted by Erich and followed by David (father of groom)

My mother Norma (Morgan's grandmother) escorted by Daniel, followed by my father Ben

Mackenzie and Daniel entering the reception

Morgan and Solomon entering reception

First dance together as husband and wife

Wedding cake (made by me!! yikes -- was I CRAZY???)

And that's all the photos for now.  I'll share more when they become available.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed this glimpse of Morgan and Solomon's special day!


  1. Thanks for the pictures. Everything looks lovely. I really wanted to be there!

  2. Thanks for posting the pictures Pam. Sure
    wish we could have been there. Love, Aunt Barbara and Ross in South Carolina.

  3. Wish you all could've been there, too. When I get the disc with the wedding video, I'll see if there's a way I can post it, so you can "see" the wedding, too!

  4. the walk back up the aisle is shorter because we were not try8ing to be slow and dignified