Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Water park fun!

When my oldest three kids were younger, we used to get season passes to Six Flags each year. It was a lot of fun -- until the park started getting a lot of rough, unruly customers who made the visits feel ugly and sometimes unsafe. We stopped going, but I often wished I knew of another park to go to that would be fun and family friendly.

Fast-forward to this past weekend -- I went to a birth at a client's home in northern Virginia. As I was driving down the highway, off on the side of the road, in the dim light of evening, I could see a small waterpark! When I got home, I did some Google searches, and finally found it -- Great Waves Waterpark in Alexandria, VA. Since I needed to return to the client's home to do a postpartum visit, I decided I'd make a day of it and take Mackenzie to the waterpark at the same time. That's what we did today -- and boy, did she have a BLAST!!

This is a really nice, community-sized waterpark -- nothing big and commercial like Six Flags. It had a nice-sized wave pool, a "lagoon" for toddlers, another larger "lagoon" with small water slides for slightly older kids, three of the really tall curly water slides, and two tall, straight "racing" slides! A small gift shop and a snack bar with reasonably priced food completes the entire park! Great things about this place: it was not crowded (probably only 200 people or so); parking was close by and FREE; there was plenty of seating and shaded areas for everyone; the innertubes were FREE (no rentals!!); the lockers that you can rent for the day were only $5 -- and $2 was refunded when you returned the key!! What a nice place to spend a day!!

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