Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My dog is a murderer!

I put the dogs out for their morning pee-and-play, as usual. Shortly, Cody wanted back in, as it's already getting hot out today; Taylor wanted to stay out and continue to play. No problem there.....

After she still hadn't come to the back door in 10 minutes or so, I figured trouble might be brewing and I'd better investigate. I looked out and saw her digging madly in the iris bed...... sigh...... yelled for her to get out of there, which she did immediately -- WITH A BUNNY IN HER MOUTH! Ewwwwww........ yuck......... "Drop it!" -- and surprisingly, she did!! (thank heavens for small favors -- I certainly didn't want to chase her around the yard to get THAT -- especially since I was still in my PJ's!). She trotted right back into the house, happy as a clam, so proud of herself -- the mighty hunter who protected her yard from dangerous intruders! -- and I sent HUBBY outside to clean up the deceased and check the iris bed for any more bunnies!

No more found -- the bunny was not full-grown, but definitely was not a little baby -- so maybe it's the only one. I hope there's no nest of bunnies out there, waiting to be re-discovered. I don't wish to enjoy this "moment of discovery" again!!

What's the penalty for murder in the state of Maryland? I'm thinking that solitary confinement for her might do us both some good......

(And no pictures will be provided with this posting, thank-you-very-much!! Way too gross for public viewing!)


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