Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sad news......

I've had a long, sad day and am looking at another one tomorrow. As I was
leaving a postpartum visit this AM, one of the midwives I work with called and asked me if I would "do her a favor". She told me that one of our clients (someone I've been with for 4 previous births and who is now 35 weeks pregnant with #5) had called this AM and said that she had not felt the baby move since SUNDAY??? Yikes......

Anyway, the midwife was tied up at another birth, and since I was not too far away from the client's home, she asked if I'd mind going and taking a listen to the baby. No problem -- I needed to go pick up my daughter at the college nearby anyway. So I stopped at P's house, chit-chatted for a few minutes and got out the doppler to listen to the baby.

Absolutely nothing...... nothing...... nothing....... listened (or tried to) for
an hour; covered every possible inch of her belly. I changed the battery in the doppler, hoping it was too old and not picking up sounds well. I tried a stethescope -- nothing. I started pushing around on her belly (which was incredibly full of fluid) and I could easily push the baby back and forth while feeling no movement or resistance. My heart sank; I was trying to put a good face on it, but was starting to realize that this was not looking like a good outcome.

I called the midwife, told her what was happening, and passed the phone off to my couple. She told them to arrange some childcare for the older children and go to the hospital for a sonogram. After talking with P and her husband L, they told me to go ahead and pick up my daughter from college, and they'd call me from the hospital. I found out about 2 hours later that the baby indeed was dead.

The parents are taking this very hard, as could be expected. I've spoken with them a few times this afternoon, and they've decided they want me to come to the hospital to be with them through this. Cervadil was placed tonight; no plans are set yet for the induction tomorrow until they see what happens tonight.

So please be praying for this couple; their four other children; for me to say
and do the right things tomorrow; for an opportunity for them to see Christ
through all of this; and prayer for whatever else I'm not thinking about right now.

Updates tomorrow night, probably, if I'm up to it......


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