Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's ALWAYS spring in my kitchen!

My sister's mention on her blog of finding wild orchids on their property in Honduras gave me the thought that it was time to share (read "BRAG!!!") about the orchids I grow in my kitchen. The original pair of orchids were not mine -- for some reason, my husband wanted to try his hand at growing them, and so we bought two for him. Unfortunately, he lost interest rather quickly, and somehow I decided I needed to save these poor plants from an untimely demise....... and then family and friends decided I MUST be really interested in this...... and started buying orchids for ME...... and thus began my orchid collection and education. My friends think I have a green thumb or a passion for orchids; I really don't have either. I've just done a bit of reading, a LOT of talking with people that grow orchids, and learned just enough tricks to make the poor things stay alive!

A little knowledge is probably a dangerous thing in this case, because I think I might be over-fertilizing them; as a result, I get blossoms that last for MONTHS on end and plants that keep reproducing and overgrowing their pots. One of my plants is BADLY in need of being divided -- but I have no clue how to do this! I guess it's time for me to go find one of my orchid experts again to help me.

And without further ado, here are pictures and comments about my kitchen greenery -- enjoy this extra bit of springtime!!

PLANT #1 -- just beginning to bloom in January

Plant #1 (again) -- check out all the buds on those stems -- it was GORGEOUS by February!! (and just lost the last of its blooms three days ago -- wow!!)

Plant #2 -- blooming in January

And now blooming AGAIN in June:

Plant #3 -- piles of flowers blooming in January --

And STILL blooming in June --

Sadly, plants #4 and #5 have had "issues" this year and decided not to bloom! Their "neighbors", however, certainly made up for that laziness!!

And here's the view of the kitchen window yesterday --

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