Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I solved the crime!!

The unobservant detective (me!!) was working on the computer and left both the dogs "sleeping" in the living room (mistake #1 -- "Never leave puppies unattended!") The conspirators were very quiet for a long time, and so I didn't bother to go check up on them from time to time (mistake #2 -- "Never ASSUME labs are behaving while unattended!")

All of a sudden, I heard sounds of skidding across the kitchen linoleum and a loud CRASH!! I went down the hall to investigate and the first thing I saw upon arriving at the crime scene was shredded paper napkins across the living room floor.... sigh..... Thankfully, my trusty vacuum was sitting nearby -- hadn't put it away after yesterday's "trashing" episode (I'm a slow learner!!) -- so I started vacuuming up the pieces. While walking across the carpet, I detected a little dampness under my feet, but chalked that up to last night's little pee accident not being completely dry (another crime episode!), plus the high humidity from today.

After the napkins at the scene of the crime were cleaned up, I went to the kitchen to investigate further to find out what the crash had been. The kitchen floor was SOAKED and the mops, brooms, and swiffers had been knocked down. What on earth?? Was the culprit trying to clean up the mess herself? Trying to remove evidence? And where WAS she now, anyway........????

I made my way back down the hall to the bedroom, following the damp carpet trail, to see where she was -- and there I found the criminal on the mat, soaked to the bone and shivering -- it's kind of chilly out today -- (and now, the mat was soaked, too!)

"What wet spot?????"

"Surely you don't think I was involved????"

Uh, oh, don't tell me she got in the kiddie pool all by herself..... We've been trying and trying to convince her that it's a fun place to play, but unless one of us got in there with her, she didn't think it was too great....... I guess today she changed her mind!!!

And here's the proof.........

Evidence from the scene of the crime --

"Yes, officer, the paw prints match those of the suspect perfectly....."

Case solved! Criminal now under close supervision and in-home detention!

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