Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Our dogs' fun day!

The day began with a toy "explosion" .... (what a shame these dogs don't have enough toys to play with!!).....

... included a rousing game of tag/bitey-face just to get the blood circulating.....

After lunch (sorry, no pictures!), a trip to the local retention pond for Taylor's first swimming "lessons" -- the dogs get in the water together (with Taylor on a rope for protection) and Taylor nearly got drowned in Cody's excitement!!!

And Taylor couldn't decide whether she needed protection from the water....

.....or maybe from Cody!!

After breaking up several near-drowning incidents, we decided Cody needed to sit out for a while....

.....and let Taylor try by herself!

Then Taylor got to sit it out during Cody's turn -- and she was none too happy about it, either!

Cody's free swim -- minus his "shadow"!!

The trip home included trying to mooch Slurpees.....


There was also a bath after coming home, but Mom was too tired to take more pictures!!

We also had a long, noisy thunderstorm and a curtain-tearing episode as well, just to finish out the evening!!

And at the end of a long and busy day, they're exhausted (and you know what we always say about tired dogs being good dogs!!) Good night, Taylor and Cody!!!

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