Friday, June 3, 2011

Too much, too much, too much.....

Updates on the last few days --

Solomon is still in the hospital, but recovering well. He had a "swallow test" this AM to see if he could swallow liquids and if the liquids would go down. He passed the test; he can swallow with some difficulty, but he CAN swallow. He's supposed to be allowed to have liquids later today, and he'll probably be discharged from the hospital tomorrow, if all continues well.

My dad is still in the hospital as well. They're tweaking his blood thinners to find the right amount for him. Additionally, they've decided to put in a vena cava filter ( to help prevent any other clots from breaking off and travelling to the lungs again. This is a pretty simple procedure done under just a local anesthetic. He's actually probably having the procedure done right now as I'm typing this, so I'm hoping to hear back from Mom some time soon as to how it went. Again, if all continues well, he should be discharged tomorrow.

In the course of e-mailing back and forth trying to notify all family members about all the above, I found out my sister's father-in-law is ALSO in the hospital up in New England with severe pneumonia. While doing x-rays, the doctors think they might've found a mass in/on his lung; however, they won't be able to do further testing to find out more until the pneumonia clears up somewhat.

And if all THAT wasn't enough..... my husband's boss's wife died yesterday of cancer. She's been ill for years, but has always fought and bounced back. While I'm glad her pain is over and that's she's finally whole and happy again in the presence of God, my heart breaks for her husband, son/daughter-in-law/granddaughter and her daughter who are left behind. She was a lively, happy person who was funny and could light up a room, and she will be terribly missed. Prayers for the Krout family.

So my highlight for the week is -- getting a new washing machine?? While that would normally not be a big deal, after a week like this, something new, shiny and functional seems like an exciting prospect!! Sometime this afternoon, my new LG front loader should arrive. It's exciting to be getting a machine that will actually RINSE and SPIN!!

Mackenzie's violin recital is tomorrow -- I'll have to see if we can get it recorded and post it so grandparents and family can see it!

Updates later on all the patients....


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