Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Son-in-law's surgery today

Please be praying for my son-in-law Solomon today. He's in surgery right now as I'm typing, being treated for a condition known as achalasia. It's a strange condition that's made it extremely difficult for him to eat over the last year and a half. Mostly he's only been able to eat very soft, very mushy foods or things that can be cut into TINY pieces and easily digested. At the time the condition was diagnosed, Morgan and Solomon were well into wedding plans, Solomon had been accepted into grad school, and so they decided to wait on the surgery either until a better time or until the problem worsened. It did get worse over the last several months, but thankfully the timing worked to have the surgery done during his summer break from college.

For you curious types, here's a link describing achalasia. I had never heard of it before this came up.

Please keep Morgan and Solomon in your thoughts and prayers today. They've only been married about 9 1/2 months, so this is very scary and upsetting for her, not to mention how nervous he is about the surgery.

I'll update later in the day after I hear any news. Thanks.


Update -- Surgery was supposed to begin around 8:45 and last 3 - 4 hours. Apparently they started late, because Morgan texted me an update at 11:40 saying "they're about half-way through surgery without complications. He's very stable and everything is going very well."

I'll update more later.

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