Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A girls' afternoon out!

Morgan has been staying at her in-laws' house since early June while her hubby is recuperating from his surgery. While she's been up here, we've tried to take opportunities to get together a bit more often. On Friday, we all decided to go visit The Pottery Shop in Ellicott City, MD, taking along Morgan's friend Becki. The store is a really cute little place, sort of a 1/2 pottery, 1/2 Starbucks-style place!

We'll go back later this week or early next week to pick up the finished projects, but in the meantime, here are the girls in action and their projects.

Mackenzie decided that turning a bowl into a watermelon would be a great project!

Morgan decided to paint small "thank you" gifts for her in-laws.

Focused attention on this project....

Becki hard at work as well.

Stripes of different colors added to make the watermelon more realistic.

A look inside the completed project!

And a look at the outside of the completed project!! She ended up using four colors of green to achieve the mottled stripes on the outside of the bowl. I can't wait to see how this will actually look once the bowl is fired and the true colors appear -- I think it's going to be gorgeous!

Morgan working on details of her secret project!

Morgan's project......

Becki's project.....

Kenzie admiring her handiwork and wondering why everyone else is taking so long!!

I just HAD to get pictures of this little guy! He was hanging over the cash register and is just too cute!!

I need to make one of these -- it looks like ME at the end of most weeks.....!! :)


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  1. These are all really awesome!!! ^_^ I want to go here someday!