Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mackenzie's first violin recital

Today was Mackenzie's first violin recital, and I'm really proud of the job she did! You can see her in the photo above wearing the red dress with the white jacket over it. Even though she made a small "oops" in the first piece, she recovered and kept on going -- and told me she was never nervous! What a kid!! Sometimes I think that inside that mild-mannered body are nerves of steel! She constantly amazes me!

The funny part of the first song -- I was playing the piano, accompanying her on these two pieces. For the first one, she plays the song through, then repeats the song playing with 1/8 notes instead of quarter notes. For you non-music types, that basically means that she's playing in doubles what she played the first time -- and when she started playing through the first time, I could tell she was going to end up going at break-neck speed if she didn't slow down!! So you'll hear me trying to play a bit slower, trying to get her to rein it in a bit -- to no avail!! However, she did great anyway, and actually did slow herself down a bit when she got to the doubles -- so we didn't have a "crash and burn" situation!!

Hope you enjoy her playing!!

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