Wednesday, May 26, 2010

GRADUATION!!! (and other "stuff"!!)

The big day arrives tomorrow -- Morgan graduates from Howard Community College with two associate's degrees, one in Interior Design and the other in Art History.  She has plugged on through some very difficult times and difficult classes (and we won't mention some of the professors' character qualities!!), but is graduating with a 3.9- something GPA.  The "something" part is because the grades for her last two classes haven't been posted yet, but I'm sure she'll do just fine.  We're all excited about this big step in her life.  It may not sound like much to many people, but this is a gal who originally told us in high school that she would NEVER go to college, and saw absolutely no reason to do so. Now to be graduating with such a high GPA, plans to transfer to George Mason University and hopes to get both her bachelor's and master's -- AND hopes to teach at the college level some day -- well, what a huge change for her!!  We couldn't be more proud of her!!

Morgan and I met today with the gal who's going to be helping us plan the wedding.  After my huge upset over the weekend regarding the delay in the bridesmaid dresses, it felt really good to sit down and cover the big list of things that ARE under my control!!  We're making back-up plans for other dresses, just in case, but at least Morgan's dress is here in town, at the dressmaker's shop, being altered........  If HER dress is OK, we'll make everything else work out........ Breathe, relax, focus....... !!!

My parents flew in today from Florida for the graduation.  Their flight was supposed to leave around 12:45.  However, after they boarded, the pilots found something wrong with the navigation system and had to have a part brought in from Orlando.  Why they had to deliver it by DRIVING it to Sarasota (a three hour drive) instead of maybe a helicopter is a mystery to me.  They made everyone get off the plane and wait in the airport for the part to arrive and be installed.  The flight ended up not leaving until nearly 5 pm.  My poor mom and dad!!  They were so exhausted by the time they got into town that they just grabbed some dinner and went straight to the hotel.  We'll get to see them a lot over the next few days, but what a disappointment not to be able to get together tonight.  I hope they get a good night's sleep!!

We're hoping for good weather for the graduation tomorrow.  The ceremony will be held in a very large tent outside of the college.  The weather forecast is for nearly 90 degrees (ouch!!) and the possibility of occasional thunderstorms.  I hope any storms will hold off until AFTER the ceremony!!  I'd rather not be outside with storms and lightning!!

Pictures tomorrow of the graduation!!  Right now, I need to get some SLEEP!!


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