Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

First off, to all my friends, family members and clients who are mothers -- HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY (a day late, but oh well!!!) I hope you had a wonderful, relaxing day.

My day was peaceful and laid back -- just what I needed. My hubby and two of my daughters made me a nice breakfast of french toast, sausage, cinnamon rolls, milk and orange juice. Why it takes three people an hour to put together a meal I could probably do in 10 minutes is a bit of a mystery!! I understand that after watching the "kitchen confusion" for a while, my 11 year old stepped in and assigned tasks to everyone, while taking over the cooking duty herself!! Good for you, Mackenzie!!

While driving to church, Mackenzie and I made a phone call to my mom in Florida to wish her a Happy Mother's Day, too. Wish I could've gone to Florida to see her for the day -- maybe next year?

After arriving at church, I got a nice unexpected call from my other daughter. It was good talking with her, although it was brief, since church was going to start in just a few minutes.

When church ended, Nelson needed to stay a bit late and take care of some things, so Mackenzie and I just ran through Wendy's and got a bit of food to share. Neither of us was terribly hungry, but it would be quite a while until dinner!

We came home and just lounged around for a few hours -- I even got to take a short nap! What a luxury!! Around 4 pm, we met Nelson and Sarah at a movie theater, and all six of us went to watch "How To Train Your Dragon"! What a fabulous movie! (To see one review website, click here.)

Nelson and Mackenzie had gone to see this a while back while on a daddy/daughter date. They came home raving about it, and Mackenzie has been saying for weeks that she wanted to take me to it. So when everyone asked what we should do for Mother's Day, I thought this would be a great way to spend the day with the family. And I'm really glad we did! This is one of those films that I'm looking forward to being able to buy when it comes out on DVD. We'll probably watch it many times -- though I'm wondering if having seen it in 3-D in the theater will make the flat screen show a bit less interesting!

And after the movie, my son treated us all to a FEAST at Boston Market! Yummy!! One of my favorite places to eat out!

So -- a relaxing day, fun times with family, a great meal and GOOD LEFTOVERS!! What more could I ask for??


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