Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"On the road again......"

.......... "just can't wait to get on the road again........"

With all due respects to Willie Nelson, I think I've been on the road ENOUGH today!!  I will be SOOOO glad when hubby is back home from Georgia and able to help some with running kids to and fro.  My day has been full of driving, driving and more driving.......

8:45 AM -- Drive Morgan to college -- 30 minutes, 15 miles

9:15 AM -- Stopped at Starbucks for a hot chocolate and a muffin; stopped at a gas station and filled up the car; and then.....

9:45 AM -- Hit the road again, this time to meet a client in Alexandria, Virginia -- 1 hour, 38.5 miles

Met with my client at the Starbucks in Alexandria, left there around 12:30 PM, and headed BACK to Columbia to pick up Morgan from school -- another hour of driving, 38.5 more miles on the car.

After picking her up, we headed back home, but needed to make stops at CVS and PetSmart on the way home, so there was another 50 minutes or so, plus 17 or 18 more miles.

Then this evening, we'd promised Bryanna we'd drive up to the restaurant she works at for dinner and let her wait on us........ 28 miles, 45 more minutes of driving....... and then a return trip home.  

Grand total for the day:  nearly FIVE HOURS in the car; 150+ miles on the car; one exhausted mom........

And as of today -- two overdue clients; two more due TODAY; one due TOMORROW; one due sometime next week.  I haven't looked at the April calendar in the last two days; I just can't even THINK about clients due then, even though technically some of them could be in the "birthing zone" as well!!!  I think SOME people need to have babies soon -- and a few need to WAIT!!!!  This could be a busy next week or so.....

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