Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wedding planning begins.....

The first item of business -- where to hold the wedding!  While our home church is large enough for the wedding, it is not really "pretty" -- the main areas have more of a "conference room" feel to them than a sanctuary.  With Morgan being an art history major and with her love of old buildings, churches, etc., the search began for a church with the right "feel" for her.  Here is her first choice -- St. Andrews Episcopal Church in College Park, MD.  We're hoping we can work out all the details in order to be able to use this facility -- it truly is gorgeous!!

Partial view of the front of the church

Main door into the church

Inside the sanctuary (view from the front of church looking towards the back)

View of sanctuary from rear looking forward

A wedding in St. Andrews (not Morgan's!!)

The church's reception hall

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