Monday, February 15, 2010

The last week in a photo review

The snow of 2/6 - 2/7/10 (28+ inches)--
Snow accumulating on the deck rails --
2/7 & 2/8/10 -- After digging out the sidewalk and driveway (again.....)

....the snowplow arrived on Tuesday the 9th -- just THREE HOURS before the next big snowstorm!
2/10/10 -- During the height of the storm (which dumped another 16+" of snow), Nelson worked on clearing the roof of the storage shed, which is also weighed down with bamboo from the neighbor's yard --
The cardinal appreciated the food he found at our bird feeder.
The snow began accumulating again -- how many times do we need to dig out this winter??
The smaller birds had now found the feeder --
The ever-growing mountain of snow threatened to cover our mailbox --
In weather this harsh, none of the birds seemed to mind sharing the feeder with the others --
2/11/10 -- Even with the snow starting to settle in the warming sunlight, the accumulation on the deck was impressive!
The 3 1/2' high fence was nearly covered, too!
The huge pile of snow on a neighbor's roof was both impressive and worrisome --
2/12/10 -- Another neighbor could barely be seen over the piles of snow as he cleared his driveway yet again --
2/13/10 -- The various workmen from the power company began to arrive at our house early Saturday morning to find and repair the cause of our power outage.
This is not so easy to do in the deep snow -- additional help had to be called in!
Still moving snow around, trying to locate the problem!
Finally, the trouble was located, and now the workmen were using a jackhammer to remove part of our sidewalk!!
At this point, they had to finish hand-digging the hole to find the exact place that needs repair --
And now the problem was fixed; we have a temporary, ugly repair that will hopefully hold until the spring, when more permanent repairs can be made.

And guess what?  IT'S STARTED SNOWING AGAIN.......  

Can I go back to Mexico now?


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