Monday, February 15, 2010

I think he regrets coming home!!

My poor hubby -- he was working at Ft. Benning, GA for two weeks and was looking forward to coming home for 10 days, to take a class over at NSA as well as to have some R&R.  It was rough enough while he was gone -- subfreezing temperatures and a heat pump that unexpectedly decided to die meant we needed to move a LOT of firewood and get a repairman in to fix the unit.  His flight home was originally scheduled to land at 6:30 pm.  As we watched the weather reports, we realized that we needed to get him home sooner than that and thus changed him to an earlier flight.  He was home less than six hours when the first storm began!!

Since arriving home, he has:
  1. endured a 28+" snow storm, complete with shoveling;
  2. endured a 16+" snow storm, shoveling off the roof of the storage shed during the height of the storm, along with shoveling (after the storm) not only the sidewalk and driveway, but this time, the house roof (from the huge accumulation that was piling up) and part of our cul-de-sac, since our county didn't seem to want to dig us out;
  3. spent hours on the phone trying to locate additional firewood, to no avail;
  4. replaced the guts in TWO toilets that decided to leak; 
  5. put StopLeak into the radiator of the van, since it also decided to spring a leak;
  6. braced up the stand for our fish tank, because it decided to start weakening and tilting to the right at a very alarming angle;
  7. gone into the office twice to help out, even when the roads were barely clear;
  8. spent the better part of a day on the phone, trying to find out whether the class he was scheduled for was going to be held, and then found out that it had been cancelled;
  9. and then after it was determined that the class was cancelled, it was decided that he should go back to Ft. Benning earlier!!
  10. and adding insult to injury -- we had a loss of power to our home late Friday night (only our house, not the neighborhood).  BGE had to come out, mark the power lines in our yard (no easy task through multiple feet of snow), bring in a small front end loader to move snow from our sidewalks and edges of driveway to help determine where the problem actually was, and then had to use a jackhammer to remove a portion of our sidewalk, HAND-DIG through that cold soil another FOUR FEET, repair the problem, and then put a temporary patch on the sidewalk until spring time!!
    This AM, I drove him to BWI Airport to hop on a plane back to Georgia.  He may actually be GLAD to get out of here -- and I wouldn't blame him one bit!


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