Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cruising to Mexico -- Day 4!! (Cozumel and trip to Tulum!) -- photo heavy!!

Overnight, we sailed to our next stop at Cozumel. It was EXTREMELY windy today, making the seas rather rough. However, it was still hot and sunny and a beautiful day. Early in the AM, we left the ship, walked down the pier and boarded a water taxi to go from the island to the mainland at Playa del Carmen. The girls were really tired from being up late last night and getting up early this AM. While the rest of us were enjoying the ride, here were my girls:

We landed in Playa del Carmen and from there, took a tour bus on about a 45 minute ride to the Mayan ruins at Tulum.

Many, many pictures of the ruins at Tulum were taken -- these are only a few.......














And what Llewellyn family trip would be complete without pictures of the local flora and fauna??




And the iguanas seem as commonplace down there as squirrels are in my neighborhood at home!




 After leaving Tulum, we were driven by bus to a private beach not too far away.  We enjoyed a wonderful buffet of authentic Mexican food in a beautiful thatched beach hut:



The view from the hut while eating was amazing --

And then, time to play in the water!!  The water was VERY warm, but it was very windy and the waves were high and strong.  We had to be careful, especially Mackenzie, because it felt like there was a bit of an undertow going on.  But everyone enjoyed themselves tremendously!!





And as we were driving back to Playa del Carmen, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, we saw these out our bus window (sorry the shots are bad, but we were moving and I had to grab the camera and shoot quickly!)

Hmmmmmm........Century 21 Real Estate office, complete with a thatched roof!!


And good ol' Sam Walton -- he shows up everywhere, doesn't he??


Back at Playa del Carmen, we got on the water taxi again -- and this ride was EXTREMELY rough.  We had a number of folks on the boat who got seasick -- poor people.


View of the sunset through the watertaxi's window:


Mackenzie, however, was absolutely EXHAUSTED from two days of sightseeing and beach play, so she spent the ride back to the ship like this:

And back in our room -- the nightly towel creation was a sea turtle!!  Kind of appropriate, don't you think?


At dinner in the formal dining room, the waiters sang an Italian song to the passengers!  So much fun to hear all those folks singing with 28 different accents!!  Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera along to dinner... bummer.

Then off to a show in the theater and bedtime for all!!

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