Monday, January 18, 2010

Cruising to Mexico -- Day 1 !!

Fruit carving display and the main foyer area -- Mackenzie found this to be fascinating!

Beautiful "flower" arrangement, all made of vegetables

The girls settling into their cabin

Mackenzie and Morgan enjoying the sisterhood......

....and enjoying the view from deck 9 as we sailed out of Tampa!

Sunset from the upper decks over Tampa Bay

View of our room.......

Another view of our room......

Morgan at first dinner in the Great Gatsby dining hall

Mackenzie and Nelson together at the dinner table

Around 7:30 pm, our ship sailed under the bridge at the outlet to Tampa Bay. Nelson tried to get photos; unfortunately, it was completely dark and the photos did not turn out. I wish they had; the clearance for the ship going under there at high tide is only between 12" - 30" -- very scary looking as the ship is going under!

We spent the rest of the evening exploring the ship, unpacking, and enjoying a show in the theater. Then off to bed for some sleep!!! More adventure tomorrow......


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