Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cruising to Mexico -- Day 2 !!

Sunrise over the Gulf of Mexico -- seen from our cabin window

Mackenzie getting lessons on rockwall climbing from the wonderful sports center director from Zimbabwe!

Encouragement from the climbing instructor from Croatia!

Photo showing how high the wall is....

She reached the top!!

One happy sailor!!

Meanwhile, Morgan and Nelson are busy goofing off......

....and enjoying the beautiful multi-story lobby area! This sculpture hangs over the center of the lobby!

Later, Mackenzie had a great time in the pool.....

....while the rest of us sat on deck, enjoyed the sun, and listened to the Jamaican band!

Then another go at the rock climbing wall for Mackenzie:

Later on...... Nelson, Mackenzie & Morgan all dressed up. This was the formal dinner evening...

....as well as the Captain's Reception. Here, the Captain is introducing some of the members of his staff and various departments on the ship.

After dinner, we celebrated Nelson's birthday.....

....and saw a show in the theater!

Upon returning to the room for the night, we found this cute towel creation, made by Vincent, our wonderful room attendant from Jamaica! Then off to sleep for all of us!

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