Thursday, July 16, 2009

Babies, babies, babies!!!

It's funny how often my partners and I seem to have "clumps" of births. You'd think the births should spread out randomly over the calendar, but it rarely seems to happen that way. This week has probably been the busiest week we have ever experienced in our partnership.

Baby #1 -- (and the longest of the births) -- Monday at midnight until baby boy was born at 4:17 AM on WEDNESDAY!!! (and I was the birth assistant who got to attend this marathon!!)

Baby #2 -- client came into the birth center around 4 AM Tuesday, and baby was born around 4:45 AM!!! WOW!!! My partner, Lori, got to attend a birth that was speedy!

Baby #3 -- client called for midwife and Lori to come on Tuesday evening. Lori and midwife were there about 40 minutes before baby was born -- another quick one!!

Baby #4 -- client called for midwife and my partner Audrey to come on Tuesday evening. I don't have exact times, but I know the client called around 6 pm and the baby was born by 9 PM -- so yet another speedster!

Baby #5 -- While I was sleeping off my exhaustion on Wednesday afternoon, another client called!! Audrey went to the birth center and baby was born about 1 1/2 hours after arrival.

So.......... FIVE babies in less than 40 hours -- I think that ought to be some kind of record! And I just got off the phone with Lori, who is on her way to yet ANOTHER home birth right now. If this baby is born before midnight, it will be six babies born in less than 3 days.

Did somebody forget to pass out the memo that the full moon was two weeks ago??

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