Friday, June 15, 2012

Kenzie's cooking -- again!

When I posted yesterday about the Monkey Bread Kenzie just made, I realized that I'd forgotten to post about the day she made the New York onion buns and an entire dinner.  Here are the pictures -- hope you don't get too hungry!!

 Kneading the bread.......

 for 10 minutes!  It's a long time!

 Almost done kneading.

 Forming the dough into bun-sized balls.

 On to dinner -- chopping an onion for the meatloaf.

 This requires some concentration!

 Cut up red-skinned potatoes, prepared meatloaf waiting to go in the oven, and chopping up fresh rosemary!
 The rolls after being topped with the onions and after rising -- ready for baking.

 The chef with her baked goods!

And the entire dinner, done by Mackenzie!!  Yummy!!

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