Friday, September 9, 2011

So glad I have a sump pump!!

The rain around here has been relentless this week.  It started mid-day on Monday and has continued to pour ever since.  This morning, it's gray and very overcast, but NOT raining.  However, that appears as if it will be short-lived, because is showing more storms here starting in about an hour and going through the night, light showers tomorrow morning, and MORE storms tomorrow afternoon.

Here is an amazing video of flooding in Ellicott City, MD.  This water is running DOWN the hill from the tremendous amount of water that was dumping on the area.

So much flooding caused a retaining wall in Ellicott City to collapse, smashing several cars parked nearby.

(photo from the Ellicott City Patch)

More pictures of Ellicott City, from the Baltimore Sun:

Check out the flooding on Rt. 29, which is a major road (3 lanes in each direction) connecting Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC.  This flooding is right outside the entrance to Columbia, MD.

Kenzie and I decided to drive around Laurel and Savage yesterday and take photos of flooding.  Here's some of what we saw:

Flood waters receding on Contee Road behind Laurel Hospital

Water into the woods (and over the bridge the night before) on Brock Bridge Road, Laurel, MD

Further down Brock Bridge Road, near Annapolis Junction, MD -- bridge at the river completely covered by flooding

Another view of the same area -- see the large tree that floated downstream and is across the road?

Water and mud left as river starts to recede.

Laurel Lake, extremely full!

Another view across Laurel Lake

Spillway/overflow creek for Laurel Lake

You can see in this photo how much higher the water was the day before!

Little Patuxent River, Savage, MD (taken from the Bollman bridge next to Savage Mill)

View of river from opposite side of bridge
And lastly, a video I took of the Little Patuxent River:

It's lightly raining right now; I guess the next round of storms is gearing up.  I'd better get off the computer and keep working on my Ark!


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