Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cruise to the Bahamas -- Day 2 at sea

Today was a full day of sailing.  We were pretty lazy most of the morning, and slept in until the very last minute before breakfast ended, then dashed out for food.  After breakfast, we went to a shopping seminar in one of the lounges.  At these talks, they tell you about which stores in a particular port can be trusted, which offer special deals, how to make the most of your shopping trip, and much more.  The room where this seminar was held was called the Butterfly Lounge.  In the back of the lounge, there was a wall of glass cases and in each case was a mounted butterfly.  I knew Kenzie would be bored with the talk, so I brought my camera along and turned her loose taking photos of the butterflies.  Here are a few good ones; she took over 90 photos! Click on the picture if you want to see a larger version.

After the talk, we had a quick lunch and went back to the room for some gazing at the ocean.....

.....and goofing off in the room!

Then Nelson and Kenzie headed off to the pool and the waterslide.  Here's the main pool on the ship:

But that's not where I found them -- they were goofing off up on top of the ship in the kiddie pool!  Why??  I don't know.....

Then off they went to the waterslide!  Here they are before going down the slide:

Then downstairs to the pool for more fun!

While they played around, I walked around the deck and took shots of the ship and the scenery.

That evening was the first formal dinner. Here's Mackenzie dolled up for the occasion:

Nelson was having a good time!

And apparently I was, too!!

This is a lousy photo, but it's a  view of the dining room from where I was seated.  The circle of lights on the ceiling is where you can look up to see the 2nd floor of dining room seating.

Standing in the lobby/atrium of the ship, looking up about 7 floors.  Glass elevators are on the right, outlined by the blue lights.

Another view of the elevators (taken at night, pretty dark pictures!)

The bar in the lobby, and one of our favorite performers on the cruise was sitting on the small stage above the bar that evening.  (Very hard to see again!)

Then back to the room, where we discovered our new towel critter, complete with Nelson's sunglasses!

And then, off to bed. Tomorrow, Port Canaveral, Florida.


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