Saturday, April 3, 2010

The moving begins!

Morgan and Solomon signed the lease on their apartment yesterday. Solomon will start staying there in the next few days, Morgan after the wedding in August. In the meantime, we're going to start getting her stuff moved in there, so there will be less work in the summer. Here's some photos from the first day of moving:

Of course, first we need to start with the floor plan that Morgan has been promising to show her friends:

This is the room shown as bedroom #2 on the floor plan.  Morgan & Solomon plan to use it as a studying room/room to store all their books.

View of the living room -- as you enter the apartment, this is the view to the right side--

And the view straight ahead, into the kitchen --

And to the left side, with the breakfast area in the back.

Breakfast nook; the closet contains their washer and dryer. 

Looking into the kitchen from the breakfast area.

 Bedroom #1

The "moving crew" with Morgan's most recent purchase for the apartment.....

Here come all those cheerful volunteers!!

Re-installing the feet of the sofa.  Morgan was able to buy this pair of couches from a local on-line recycling group for only $100 -- a very nice find!!  Sofas are clean and in pretty good condition -- and the price was certainly right!

Morgan starting to unpack....

....and feeling very "domestic"!

She's certainly having fun arranging HER space!

Meanwhile, the moving crew decided to take a break and see if those sofas were really as comfortable as Morgan said they were!  Nelson/Dad relaxes on the love seat.....

..... while Matt and Becki check out the sofa!  Looks like it IS pretty comfy!!

So Day 1 of moving was accomplished with no problems or setbacks.  I'm sure this will just be the first of MANY loads of stuff getting driven down to Virginia.


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