Friday, November 27, 2009

If figures.....

So if any dog had to have complications during a spay, it would have to be Taylor, right? Apparently, she gave the vets a boatload of trouble today! I warned them beforehand that she would be more than a handful -- they didn't believe me....... The vet said that it started when they did her pre-op blood work; They told me she flopped around like a fish on a hook and it took several people to hold her down. Good thing she only weighs 62 lbs!

Then after she went into surgery, they had a hard time finding one of her ovaries. It was adhered to the peritoneum, and very loosely adhered to the kidney . Thankfully, "loosely" is the key word there, because they were able to "tease" it off the kidney with no damage to the kidney.

And then they had to give her a little bit extra medication after the surgery, because she was coming out of anesthesia too quickly and was starting to get hyper and active too soon!! (They can't say I didn't warn them!!)

So, she's got a WAY bigger incision than anticipated, and a longer recovery period than anticipated. Sigh...... how on earth I'll keep her down even longer is beyond me...... They sent her home with an antibiotic, Rimadyl, and something else that I've forgotten (another pain killer). I stopped at the store today and bought some Benadryl -- before I knew how much other stuff she'd be on. So at least I've got that around for after the pain killers run out, if I need something else...... We'll see.

She looks so sad and miserable, and happy to be home, all at the same time. And Cody is practically frantic that we're not letting him in the room with her right now. Taylor's being so calm and relaxed that I really want to keep them apart, for now at least. We'll see how things go tomorrow.

Wish me luck -- I think it's going to be a looooooong night.

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